Advocates say law reforms will reduce head injuries, death

Law enforcement and other safety officials work hard to keep people here in New Jersey safe. Though this state has taken several admirable steps to protect the public, experts say that there is still more that can be done. A recent report suggests that a few changes in the law could save countless lives and prevent significant injuries, such as head injuries, during traffic accidents.

According to the report, the Garden State isn’t the only one in the nation that should consider new traffic safety laws. New Jersey actually already has several pieces of legislation that help keep people safe on roadways, but the report gave the state a rating of “yellow,” meaning there is room to improve. It was noted that a law requiring passengers in the backseats of vehicles to use seat belts would result in dramatic and positive changes. The prevalence of distracted driving was also cited as additional reason for the laws to be updated.

Some lawmakers are pushing to broaden the definition of distracted driving infractions. Others are looking to change the requirements around certain restricted and graduated driver’s licenses so that they are more stringent. Advocates are optimistic that state lawmakers are taking their concerns seriously and open to real change that could save lives.

Those involved in a car accident with a negligent driver may not know where to turn for help. Victims dealing with head injuries or other significant physical trauma may incur significant costs, both immediately after the crash and in the future as they work toward healing. An attorney here in New Jersey with experience in handling personal injury claims can help victims seek full accountability from those deemed responsible. 

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