Wrongful death: Authorities say DUI caused fatal crash

A fatal car crash is always a sad event. When it is due to causes that are completely preventable, the tragedy is even more pronounced. The family left behind may decide to pursue wrongful death litigation as an attempt to seek full financial accountability from a party believed responsible. This may be the option for a family who lost a loved one late last year to a tragic car accident. New Jersey authorities say the crash was caused by an intoxicated driver who was recently indicted on several counts

Police say the accident happened on a weekday last year at the intersection of a local roadway and Route 9. A passenger vehicle was waiting behind another car that was making a left-hand turn when a third vehicle allegedly struck it from behind. The driver of the car that was hit had to be rushed to a nearby hospital but then had to be airlifted to a larger facility for treatment of his serious injuries. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the driver died less than two weeks later as a direct result of the crash. 

Authorities administered a chemical breath test to the driver of the third vehicle. They report that his blood alcohol concentration was .17, which is more than twice the legal limit. He has been charged with multiple offenses, including vehicular homicide and causing a death while driving with a suspended license.

No matter what the outcome of the criminal charges may be, the family of the man who died may have other means for legal recourse. An attorney here in New Jersey could file a wrongful death civil claim on behalf of those who find themselves in a similar situation. A successfully litigated claim could result in monetary damages that may help a family deal with financial aspects of the tragedy.