What damages are available to accident victims?

No one expects to be a victim of an accident; however, many do not have a choice when they encounter a negligent or reckless driver. No matter how careful a motorist is, this cannot protect them from the negligence of another driver. An automobile collision is not only an unexpected event but is also a situation where a victim is often ill-prepared to address the physical and financial harms that result.

When automobile accidents occur in New Jersey and elsewhere, some victims are left dealing with a wide range of serious injuries. These injuries not only cause pain and suffering but can also impact a victim financially, as it can be costly to receive medical treatment. Because car accident damages can be extensive, many victims seek compensation through a civil action. A personal injury claim could help an accident victim recover damages for the harms suffered.

If a victim has suffered disfigurement, it is possible to seek damages specific to this. Mental anguish could arise because of permanent disfigurement following a crash, and this type of damage seeks to address that. When a victim suffers serious injuries, it could be a lengthy process to treat these injuries. A personal injury action could help a victim recover future medical expenses as well.

Other damages sought in a civil action can include household services, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of society and companionship, lost earning capacity, lost wages, medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, permanent disability and special damages specifically related to the victim’s accident and injuries.

Recovering compensation following a car accident can be a necessary step for victims. Dealing with severe and life-altering injuries can be overwhelming, making it imperative that one fully understand their options when it comes to a civil action.

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