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Wrongful death: DUI crash resulted in passenger death

Car crashes often seem as though they are an inevitable part of life, and people generally hope that when one happens to them, it won't be to serious. When a crash happens because of something preventable, families of victims often struggle to come to terms with what occurred. They may decide to file a wrongful death civil claim if the driver of a vehicle drove in a negligent manner, causing the death of their loved one. New Jersey police say one man caused the death of a passenger in his car by driving under the influence

Authorities say that the crash happened on a weekday around 1:30 a.m. They claim that a man driving south ran his car into a utility pole. When officials arrived on the scene, they said that the driver was outside the vehicle and had only received minor injuries. They also said that they found the passenger in his car dead.

Wrongful death: Sentence in fatal DWI hit-and-run

When people make the choice to drive while intoxicated, they may assume they are only affecting their own life, but that is not true. If an intoxicated driver hits and kills someone, it can change an entire family's life in an instant. When the poor choices of someone else are the cause of such a loss, it can be difficult to know how to seek justice, but filing a wrongful death claim may be a way to do just that. This is what one New Jersey family could do after a hit-and-run crash took the life of a 19-year-old. The man accused recently received his criminal sentence for the incident.

Just last year, police say that the young man was stopped in his car at a red light on an exit ramp. He was rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by the now-convicted. Police say that the man fled the scene but was taken into custody fairly quickly after the crash. Authorities say that he was speeding and had consumed alcohol before the crash. 

Are you a New Jersey motorcycle enthusiast?

Have you noticed hints of springtime when you step outdoors these days? If you're one of many New Jersey residents who own a motorcycle, warmer temperatures and bright sunshine might compel you to take your first ride of the season. Whether you're a skilled and experienced rider or new to the motorcycle scene, road safety is a top priority.

Like all motorists, you're obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations every time you operate your motorcycle. Laws regarding helmets and other safety issues vary by state, so it's critical that you understand New Jersey laws before riding here. No matter how cautious and alert you are, if another motorist is negligent, it can place you at risk for serious injury.

Wrongful death: City hopes pedestrian crossing light saves lives

Whether pedestrians are out walking for transportation or leisure, they often encounter danger when in close proximity to traffic. Far too many people lose their lives after being hit by a car when doing something as simple as crossing the street. One New Jersey city wants to help end that, with the unveiling of a new pedestrian crossing light. Advocates are optimistic that such measures will save lives and avoid the need for wrongful death litigation.

City officials decided to install the light at a specific intersection back in 2017. A high school student was apparently struck by a car, and though the student wasn't seriously hurt, the incident prompted people to speak out about the safety of that intersection. Many reported that it was the site of too many near misses and that several other people have been hit by cars in that area. Several people say that this light has been a long time coming and that students use that crossing to get to school.

Wrongful death: Authorities say DUI caused fatal crash

A fatal car crash is always a sad event. When it is due to causes that are completely preventable, the tragedy is even more pronounced. The family left behind may decide to pursue wrongful death litigation as an attempt to seek full financial accountability from a party believed responsible. This may be the option for a family who lost a loved one late last year to a tragic car accident. New Jersey authorities say the crash was caused by an intoxicated driver who was recently indicted on several counts

Police say the accident happened on a weekday last year at the intersection of a local roadway and Route 9. A passenger vehicle was waiting behind another car that was making a left-hand turn when a third vehicle allegedly struck it from behind. The driver of the car that was hit had to be rushed to a nearby hospital but then had to be airlifted to a larger facility for treatment of his serious injuries. Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the driver died less than two weeks later as a direct result of the crash. 

Advocates say law reforms will reduce head injuries, death

Law enforcement and other safety officials work hard to keep people here in New Jersey safe. Though this state has taken several admirable steps to protect the public, experts say that there is still more that can be done. A recent report suggests that a few changes in the law could save countless lives and prevent significant injuries, such as head injuries, during traffic accidents.

According to the report, the Garden State isn't the only one in the nation that should consider new traffic safety laws. New Jersey actually already has several pieces of legislation that help keep people safe on roadways, but the report gave the state a rating of "yellow," meaning there is room to improve. It was noted that a law requiring passengers in the backseats of vehicles to use seat belts would result in dramatic and positive changes. The prevalence of distracted driving was also cited as additional reason for the laws to be updated.

What damages are available to accident victims?

No one expects to be a victim of an accident; however, many do not have a choice when they encounter a negligent or reckless driver. No matter how careful a motorist is, this cannot protect them from the negligence of another driver. An automobile collision is not only an unexpected event but is also a situation where a victim is often ill-prepared to address the physical and financial harms that result.

When automobile accidents occur in New Jersey and elsewhere, some victims are left dealing with a wide range of serious injuries. These injuries not only cause pain and suffering but can also impact a victim financially, as it can be costly to receive medical treatment. Because car accident damages can be extensive, many victims seek compensation through a civil action. A personal injury claim could help an accident victim recover damages for the harms suffered.

Distracted driving is about more than just smartphones

Driving is a task that requires all of your attention. Focusing on just one task may feel a little over the top for some drivers, especially in a world that seems filled with distractions and designed for multitasking. More and more people are normalizing distracted driving behaviors, which has serious and even life-threatening implications for everyone in New Jersey.

Distracted driving was a problem before cell phones even existed. At its most basic, distracted driving is anything that takes your full attention away from driving tasks, including watching out for other cars and the speed limit. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration divides distracted driving into three different categories.

Seeking legal recourse for serious injuries suffered in accidents

When an individual in New Jersey suffers an injury, he or she is likely to focus on their road to recovery. However, when an accident leaves a victim suffering serious injuries, this could mean a lengthy or lifelong treatment plan. It can be hard to imagine requiring ongoing medical care because of head trauma, a spinal cord injury, or any other severe injury. This is especially true when one is focused on dealing with their current pain and suffering. Thus, it is important that accident victims explore their rights no matter the type of accident or injury suffered.

At Serafini & Serafini, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to personal injury actions. Our law firm is focused on the rights of our clients, helping them reach a favorable outcome following an accident that has left them seriously injured or disabled. We understand that this can be a challenging and emotionally taxing event, which is why we take the time to deliver compassionate representation that focuses on the needs and goals of our clients.

Pedestrian fatally struck in Wayne

The roadways in New Jersey and elsewhere can be a dangerous place. While drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road, some fail to do so. Whether it is due to distractions, recklessness, intoxication or another negligent act, other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are put at risk. Following a fatal crash, an investigation could help reveal the cause, allowing family members to get answers to the questions they might have and understand what legal recourse is available.

During the nighttime hours of December 4, a man was fatally struck by a vehicle in Wayne. Reports indicated that a Honda SUV on Route 46 East struck the 60-year-old man. The collision took place in the area of the Ramada Inn.

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