Wrongful death: City hopes pedestrian crossing light saves lives

Whether pedestrians are out walking for transportation or leisure, they often encounter danger when in close proximity to traffic. Far too many people lose their lives after being hit by a car when doing something as simple as crossing the street. One New Jersey city wants to help end that, with the unveiling of a new pedestrian crossing light. Advocates are optimistic that such measures will save lives and avoid the need for wrongful death litigation.

City officials decided to install the light at a specific intersection back in 2017. A high school student was apparently struck by a car, and though the student wasn’t seriously hurt, the incident prompted people to speak out about the safety of that intersection. Many reported that it was the site of too many near misses and that several other people have been hit by cars in that area. Several people say that this light has been a long time coming and that students use that crossing to get to school.

Supporters of the measure pointed to several different studies conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. Those studies show that flashing pedestrian crossing lights prevent accidents and save lives. The lights indicate to drivers that a crosswalk is there and that they should exercise caution when approaching it and obey posted traffic signs.

As promising as this solution is, pedestrians here in New Jersey will still end up being victims of motor vehicle accidents. The families of those who lose their lives in these collisions may want to consider wrongful death litigation against any and all parties deemed responsible. A skilled personal injury attorney can help a family determine the right course of action.

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