What are some signs of a severe spinal cord injury?

After any truck or commercial vehicle crash, you may start to experience extreme aches and pains in your back or neck.

Since your nerves on your neck are so important for your circulation and balance, any accident involving that area may cause you lasting trauma.

Hidden issues

According to the Mayo Clinic, a severe spinal cord injury may not always be obvious at first. Spinal injuries occur when you come to a sudden stop and slam your spine backwards, damaging the soft tissue or bones around it.

During and directly after an accident, the adrenaline from the incident could mask any signs of numbness or inflammation. Lack of coordination, feeling like you are struggling to breathe and feeling a loss of sensation in your hands or other appendages could be an indication you hurt your spine.

Physical symptoms

Unusual lumps around your spine or odd tingling sensations are easy to ignore, but could later steadily grow worse if left untreated. You may notice a change in your bladder or bowel function in more severe cases.

If you suddenly feel either very warm or very cold at random times, it could be because of damage to your central nervous system. The ability to feel sensations in your limbs and control their movement is one of the biggest warning signs that your spine sustained damages in a crash.

Emotional swings

You may experience extreme shifts in your mood after a spinal cord injury. Since your spine and brain are so closely connected, headaches or a change in your temperament can be signs that you suffered trauma.