Long hours and truck driver fatigue

There are various reasons why large truck crashes occur, from ice on the roads to intoxicated driving. However, some people find themselves involved in crashes because of driver fatigue, a problem that is especially widespread among large truck drivers. In fact, many truckers do not even recognize that they are dangerously tired while behind the wheel and they place lives at risk by continuing to operate a large truck.

Whether one feels pressured to finish a job or they simply ignore the warning signs of fatigue, there is no excuse for drowsy driving that places the safety of others in danger.

Looking at statistics on trucker fatigue

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, long-haul truck drivers spend a significant amount of time on the road. In fact, these drivers often travel more than 107,000 miles each year and work for an average of 60 hours every week. It is imperative for truck drivers to take many steps to reduce the odds of a collision and prevent fatigue, such as getting enough sleep, staying off the road while excessively tired and working a reasonable number of hours.

Looking at the consequences of trucker fatigue

When large truck drivers caused accidents, many different consequences arise for the victims of these wrecks. Aside from physical pain and emotional trauma, the financial toll of a large truck crash is often very hard (especially if a victim is left with permanent immobility or they pass away and leave their entire family with costly expenses). Truck crash Victims need to explore their legal options.