Highway safety tips for truckers

Anyone driving a truck in New Jersey will likely spend a lot of time on state and interstate highways. When accidents happen with trucks, they can often be catastrophic, especially when a collision happens at high speeds.

That is why truckers should make sure to be as informed as possible on the best highway safety tips.

Tips on the road

Smart-Trucking advises that trucks do not have the same handling or decelerating capabilities as smaller, lighter-weight vehicles. Driving slowly and carefully is the most effective way to avoid losing control, especially when maneuvering ramps and corners.

Another thing for truckers to always keep in mind is that their blind spots are significant. Because of this, truck drivers should avoid changing lanes unless absolutely necessary, especially on highways where faster vehicles will often try to pass and weave through traffic without warning.

Due to the increased stopping distance for big, heavy vehicles, it is key for truckers to leave a significant amount of space in front of their rigs. Even though this may mean driving slowly in the right lane, it is much safer than the alternative of tailgating the driver in front. Keeping in the right lane allows faster vehicles to just go around.

Tips to use before getting on the road

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that preparing ahead of time by looking up road and weather conditions can prevent unwanted surprises. Truckers should also make sure to get a full night’s sleep before hitting the road, especially if they will be driving for long hours.

Lastly, safety inspections should be a regular part of trip preparation, especially when it comes to securing the load and checking up on brakes and tires.