What should I know about vocational rehabilitation?

Suffering an injury at your workplace can dramatically change your life. You may find that you can no longer handle the kind of work you used to perform, and yet you want to return to the workforce as soon as you can. This is where vocational rehabilitation may assist you.

Vocational rehabilitation is a collection of benefits New Jersey offers as part of its workers’ compensation program. You may not be able to go back to your old job, but you may find a job that you can handle with some retraining and other forms of assistance.

Career counseling and searches

If you are not sure where to start looking for a job, you may seek vocational counseling to help you figure out what jobs may be suitable for you. These services help you to develop skills like how to write a resume and how to do an interview. Some forms of vocational rehabilitation include job training such as supported employment or training or coaching on the job.

Restoration services

Certain forms of vocational rehabilitation help restore you to a state where you can work again. A diagnostic evaluation may reveal whatever medical, psychological or physical barriers you have to employment. From there, you may undergo emotional restoration services to help you with mental or emotional problems, or use physical restoration that may meet your therapeutic needs, including the use of artificial limbs, braces or hearing aids.

Financial planning

Because of your injuries, you may receive government benefits like SSD and SSI. If so, you may worry that going back to work could impact your ability to receive benefits when you need them. Vocational rehabilitation offers benefits counseling to evaluate your future prospects for receiving benefits if you take a new job.

Since vocational rehabilitation takes many different forms, the services you need will depend on your personal circumstances. Know that these services are available for workplace injury victims so that you can pursue them if you wish.