Wrongful death: DUI crash resulted in passenger death

Car crashes often seem as though they are an inevitable part of life, and people generally hope that when one happens to them, it won’t be to serious. When a crash happens because of something preventable, families of victims often struggle to come to terms with what occurred. They may decide to file a wrongful death civil claim if the driver of a vehicle drove in a negligent manner, causing the death of their loved one. New Jersey police say one man caused the death of a passenger in his car by driving under the influence

Authorities say that the crash happened on a weekday around 1:30 a.m. They claim that a man driving south ran his car into a utility pole. When officials arrived on the scene, they said that the driver was outside the vehicle and had only received minor injuries. They also said that they found the passenger in his car dead.

The driver has been charged with several crimes, including vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated. The roadway had to be closed for several hours while police dealt with the aftermath of the crash. The driver has a pending court date where he will have to answer to these charges.

A car accident is never cause for celebration, but when it happens because of something that was completely preventable, it is especially tragic. No matter the outcome of the criminal charges this man is facing, the family of the victim may want to file a civil wrongful death lawsuit against any responsible parties. A New Jersey attorney can help anyone in a similar situation with questions about this type of legal proceeding.

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