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Workers’ Compensation

Employers should provide a safe environment for their employees, but often times workplace accidents occur that could have been avoided. In New Jersey it is mandatory for employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide the necessary care and funding in the case of an on-the-job injury. These benefits are there to help employees maintain their lifestyles and cover medical costs without the fear of financial failure. When an employer falls behind on premiums, or the benefits are just not enough, you need a law firm that specializes in personal injury from workplace accidents to get the compensation you deserve.

Work Injury Attorneys in New Jersey

Job accidents can occur at any time, are often serious and may require medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation and medications. They can be from a product defect, faulty wiring, machinery failure, or a hazardous environment. Regardless of what caused the injury, negligence is often times to blame. It is not only the moral responsibility of employers to provide a safe workplace but also the law. If a dangerous piece of equipment or environmental condition arises, employers must fix the problem and warn the employees in the meantime. In New Jersey, workplace injury fault is irrelevant. To claim workers compensation, the only thing that needs to be demonstrated is the injury took place during the course of employment.

If an accident happens, the employer must see to it that the victim is given adequate medical attention. If a physician deems an employee is no longer capable of their regular, day-to-day duties, then the company must provide medical care and temporary benefits. There is a statute of limitations in New Jersey for workplace related accidents, so you must act in a timely manner.

Workers comp claims can be a daunting task for someone not familiar with the process. If you’ve suffered a work injury, Serafini and Serafini can help you through this tedious process and ensure your rights are not infringed upon, while you place your focus on recovering from your injury.