What are the potential long-term costs of an injury?

One of the complexities of workers’ compensation is figuring the long-term costs of an injury. While some injuries may heal quickly, there are many situations in which an injury will cause lingering effects that require treatment.

Part of the duty under workers’ compensation is to provide you with compensation for all expenses related to the treatment and care of your injury, so the insurer will need to think about long-term costs. Healthcare Business Today explains long-term medical costs may encompass physical and mental needs.

Mental needs

The immediate focus of most work injuries is on the physical needs and fixing the physical injury. However, mental injuries can be just as severe and may last even longer than the physical injuries you experience. If you had a traumatic experience or if the accident causes some mental side effects, then you may require long-term care to help you deal with things.

Common issues associated with accidents and work injuries include depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Physical needs

Your physical needs are something you expect will require care and produce costs. However, what you may not expect are the medical costs to keep adding up even once you think everything is ok. The long-term costs for physical care may include rehabilitation or physical therapy services. You may also need to see a specialist.

It is not always easy to forecast what your needs will be since every person heals differently. An injury that would heal fast with no need for further care may leave you with lasting issues that require ongoing care.

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