What are the most common work accidents?

Work accidents can happen in every industry, and while some industries may have more catastrophic injury potential than others, any work accident is a serious situation.

The National Safety Council explains that most work injuries are likely to happen in five specific industries: public service, transportation, manufacturing, construction and maintenance. Despite this, they can occur in any work setting, from an office to a construction site.


Falls can range from minor to severe. The type of fall, general health of the person and the situation all impact the severity. A fall may result when on the ground or when working above ground. Falls on the ground may include slips and trips. Above ground falls could result from a lack of safety barriers or improper use of a ladder. In all cases, falls are often a result of bad housekeeping or not following safety rules.


Overexertion accidents occur due to bad lifting practices. They can also be from repetitive motion combined with bad posture. Taking frequent breaks, using safety devices that stabilize the back and following all safe lifting standards can help prevent these injuries.

Struck by object

A struck by object accident can take many forms, from a book falling off a shelf and hitting you on the head to a large object falling from a crane. This accident category also includes getting caught between or in something and crushing accidents. Following safety protocols and wearing proper personal protective equipment can help to reduce these accidents. In office and warehouse settings, prevention can include ensuring you never store or put heavy items on shelves above waist level.