What are common motorcycle accident injuries?

A recent close call on your motorcycle made you think about which injuries motorcyclists face the most. After an accident, which injury types should you have a medical professional look you over for?

Garden State Pain Patrol has a few answers for you. Find out how to build a personal injury case after an accident on your motorcycle.

Road rash

If an accident ends with your body skidding across the pavement, you may suffer road rash. Depending on the force of your skid, your injuries may go beyond a few scrapes to possibly exposing muscle under several layers of skin. To protect yourself, always wear riding pants, a riding jacket, gloves and riding boots.

Leg injuries

Feet, knees, calves and ankles commonly sustain injuries during motorcycle accidents. Even if a leg injury does not become life-threatening, it is essential that you tend to it carefully so you do not suffer a long-term disability.

Arm injury

While falling, you reflexively throw your arms out to brace yourself. This reflex could damage nerves and bones in your arms and hands upon impact with the unyielding road. It is not out of the realm of possibility for an injured biker to face permanent nerve damage after enduring arm injuries.

Neck and head injuries

Some of the most common injuries that bikers face are harm to the head and neck in the form of fractures and concussions. This is the primary reason why motorcyclists should always wear top-quality helmets every time they ride.

Take steps to protect yourself from common injuries when you get on your motorcycle. The right equipment and information could save your life.

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