What are the common causes of truck accidents?

The trucking industry is an essential part of the U.S. economy. Truck ship almost every good that people need to survive. They also supplement many industries to allow them to manufacture goods for the public.

Demand for everything is high these days, which means there are many trucks on the roadways. More trucks on the roads mean more accidents involving these large vehicles. According to FindLaw, truck accidents attributed to large trucks usually connect back to the high demand for trucking services.

Too much work and not enough drivers

The biggest issue in the industry is there are not enough drivers to handle the workload. Because of this, many drivers and companies have unsafe practices to ensure they can keep up with the work.

Bad training

Many times, drivers hit the roads without having the correct training. They may be hauling goods they are not familiar with or driving a truck that they have never driven before. These drivers may be working in new areas where they are not familiar with the roads or traffic. They may also not have enough skill in defensive driving.

Encouraging bad habits

Some companies push drivers too hard and basically, encourage bad habits. They may offer compensation systems that push drivers to drive too fast or to drive while tired in order to get paid. Companies may also set unrealistic expectations or expect drivers to work crazy schedules.

The demands on the trucking industry will only increase. These drivers are doing a huge service for the public but it is coming at high risk.

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