The 10 most common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents often have serious consequences.  On average, a motorcyclist is 27 times more likely to die in a crash than a passenger in a vehicle.  It was determined that up to 90% of riders involved in crashes had no formal training. The state of New Jersey has implemented a motorcycle training program for its residents to make sure proper training is in place for new riders, and to help them suffer fewer injuries in the case of an accident.

There are multiple common causes of motorcycle accidents.  Here are the top ten:

  • Unsafe lane changes – A driver changes lanes without checking their blind spot.
  • Speeding – Speed reduces a driver’s ability to see a motorcycle and prevent collisions before it is too late.
  • Car Doors – Sometimes a driver does not see a motorcycle coming and opens a car door in their path.
  • Lane splitting – A motorcyclist rides between two lanes.
  • Driving under the influence – DUI can cause a crash regardless of what kind of vehicle a person is operating.
  • Inexperienced drivers – New drivers may not be accustomed to sharing the road with motorcycles and may make mistakenly make a maneuver that causes a crash.
  • Sudden stops – A sudden stop in front of a motorcyclist that is following closely can lead to death.
  • Dangerous road conditions – Potholes, grass cuttings, pine straw, gravel, wet roads
  • Motorcycle defects – If a driver is seriously injured or dies from the defect of a motorcycle part, the manufacturer can be held liable.
  • Left turns – Drivers may not see an oncoming motorcycle, or may cause a right of way error resulting in a crash.

Regardless of the cause, motorcycle accidents can, and often do, result in catastrophic injuries that can include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord, broken bones, and severe road rashes and burns that can cause disfiguration.  If you have been involved in an accident with, or on a motorcycle, consult with an attorney to determine whether you are eligible for financial compensation.

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