Summer holidays can be a dangerous time for bikers

Along with their other July 4th festivities, many motorcycle aficionados may have taken the opportunity to go for a ride on New Jersey’s roads.

While hopefully everyone stayed safe, like other holidays, July 4 can be a particularly dangerous day for motorcyclists.

Over the holiday, which this year included the three-day weekend, the number of traffic deaths has ranged from just a hair over 150 to over 600. Some of the wide variation in the numbers is because the holiday is much shorter when it falls in the middle of the week, and not because people are driving so much more safely.

Last year, the National Safety Council estimated that 565 people died over the 4th. The Council predicts 405 deaths this year after lowering their estimate somewhat due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

On a related point, the Council expects over 46,000 injuries this holiday season which will at least require a visit to the doctor.

Despite all the warnings out there about the dangers of drunk driving, the Council also expects the percentage of deaths related to impaired drivers to spike over the holiday.

On average, drinking and driving accounts for just under 30% of all traffic fatalities; this July 4th weekend, experts anticipate that the percentage will be 40%.

Hopefully, New Jersey motorcyclists were able to enjoy themselves on the road safely. However, if they were involved in a serious motorcycle accident, they or their families may be able to recover compensation for their losses.

Whether intoxicated or simply careless, those who ruin the 4th for a New Jersey motorcyclist and his or her family should be held accountable for their behavior.