Motorcycle safety ideas from vests to lights to system monitoring

With warmer, sunnier days there are more motorcycles on the road. That means motorists need to be especially alert in looking for smaller two- or three-wheeled vehicles.

However, motorcycle riders should do as much as they can to increase their visibility and protect themselves from potentially devastating crashes. There are numerous safety innovations that can help.

Wearing apparel

First and foremost, motorcyclists should wear safer helmets. Some have built-in GPS systems as well as cameras to help riders see what is behind them. Department of Transportation- or DOT-approved helmets are a good choice. You might also look for airbag vests or jackets. Sensors detect an impact to your bike and the airbag built into your clothing deploys immediately to protect your chest.

Smart lighting

LED lighting on motorcycles provides greater visibility, allowing drivers to see you more clearly. You will also be able to see the road ahead better. Some helmets are even fitted with LED lighting.

Motorcycle safety features

If you are in the market for a new motorcycle, think safety features such as cruise control and other monitoring services. Look for bikes with stability control systems that provide the right amount of accelerating and braking as you round curves in the road. If you are new to motorcycle ownership, keep lower horsepower in mind for a safer ride. You might also consider purchasing a trike since three wheels provide better balance and stability than two.

Safety first

New Jersey has some wonderful, scenic areas for motorcyclists to enjoy. Stay alert, increase your visibility, and take advantage of the latest safety features for your bike. Reduce the potential for personal injury and have a great ride.

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