How do you plan to return to work after your injury?

You hurt yourself at work recently, and while you have a personal injury case to navigate, you also want to get back to work ASAP. How should you return as efficiently as possible?

FlexJobs offers tips to help you return to the workplace. Get back to earning an income and continuing with your recovery.

Explore your rights

Does your employer recognize the Family and Medical Leave Act? If you do not know, find out ASAP. If so, find out if you qualify for the act. The act gives qualifying employees specific rights upon returning to the workplace, such as taking up their former position upon resuming work, or at least a similar job role.

Stay in touch

Even if you do not plan to return to work soon, stay in touch with your supervisor. Send regular communication detailing your recovery progress and when your doctor expects you to work again. During your communication, ask for updates on workplace projects relevant to you. That way, you stay in the loop and have an easier time stepping back into the flow of work. If you do not contact your employer during recovery, your company may have the right to reach out to you to request a medical update.

Learn whether you need a Fitness-for-Duty certification

While talking to your employer about missed work, ask whether you need a Fitness-for-Duty certification. Injured employees receive their physician’s go-ahead to return to work with this certification. Under the FMLA, your employer may require this certification before permitting you to resume work.

Protect your job and your rights with proper knowledge. Have a plan for picking up where you left off in the office.