Dangerous Driving Practice Can Cause Accidents with Trucks

Large commercial vehicles support many New Jersey industries through the transportation of goods and products. It is not uncommon to see an 18-wheeler rolling down the highway or unloading freight at a local Wayne business. The drivers of these massive vehicles are tasked with safely hauling a variety of products over distances and taking precautions to prevent collisions with others.

Not all commercial truck drivers take these expectations seriously, and too many engage in dangerous driving practices that cause devastating and sometimes deadly collisions with drivers and passengers in smaller private vehicles. This post highlights some of the practices that truck drivers may engage in that cause tragic accidents but readers should talk to their own truck accident attorneys about legal matters related to their own cases.

One dangerous practice that truckers may participate in is distracted driving. Distracted driving is a problem for drivers of all classifications and occurs when drivers allow non-driving activities, such as sending text messages or eating, to draw their focus off of the roads. When truckers become distracted, it can cause them to miss important signs of danger on the roads that should trigger them to slow their rigs. The failure of a truck driver to stop in a timely manner may result in a damaging rear-end collision with another vehicle in front of it.

Another dangerous behavior that can cause truck drivers to instigate vehicle collisions is inadequate experience. Truck drivers are generally required to hold special licenses to operate massive rigs and must pass examinations to demonstrate their competency. A driver who does not pass such testing may be unable to make safe decisions while behind the wheel of a large truck.

These are only a few of the ways that truck drivers can put private drivers in the way of harm. Victims of truck accidents should know their rights and their options for recovering their damages. Legal help may offer guidance to those who are unsure of what they can do after suffering losses in violent truck accidents.

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