Collision with semi-truck kills pedestrian

The sheer size of the semi-trucks and tractor-trailers one sees on New Jersey’s roads and highways is often what makes them seem so intimidating. Yet people typically take comfort in the assumption that those driving these massive vehicles are well-trained in their operation, and thus quite capable of keeping those on the roads around them safe.

Yet the familiarity that truck drivers have with their rigs may actually lead to unintended dangers. Indeed, one may feel so familiar with their truck that they might be subject to misjudgments. Sadly, such errors are often likely to cause catastrophic outcomes.

Truck strikes and kills roadside pedestrian

A recent fatal truck accident in Wisconsin serves to affirm this fact. According to Channel 3000, law enforcement officials responded to calls claiming that a semi-truck struck a pedestrian on a local highway. Witnesses say the person hit by the truck exited their own vehicle right before the accident, leaving them exposed to the full force of the collision. First responders rushed them to a local hospital, yet they later succumbed to their injuries. Reports show that the truck driver did not sustain any injuries in the accident. Authorities hope an investigation will reveal who was ultimately at fault in the collision.

Liability extending to both truck drivers and their employers

In cases such as this, if authorities assign blame to the truck drivers involved, accident victims may wonder if the companies that employ them could also share in the liability. If the driver was in the course of completing their assigned duties, then blame may indeed extend to their employers, Making such a case can be complex, however. Thus, those trying to do so may first wish to review their claim with an experienced legal professional.