4 common motorcycle wrecks and tips for avoiding them

Now that riding season is here, it is also the time for motorcycle accidents to become a problem again here in New Jersey. Even experienced riders could use a refresher about what to do when an irresponsible car or truck driver puts them in a dangerous situation and life-changing injuries seem imminent.

Here are four of the most common car- or truck-caused motorcycle wrecks and how to avoid them:

1. Car changes lanes without enough space. Drivers are supposed to check their blind spots before they change lanes. But often they don’t. Try to spot the driver’s eyes in their mirrors and do your best to anticipate if a lane change is about to happen.

2. Driver fails to yield while turning left. Motorists sometimes think they can “beat” you to the intersection, or just fail to notice how close you are, causing a terrible accident. As you approach, keep an eye on the car’s wheels for signs the driver is about to turn in front of you. If the car is turning, slow down as much as possible and avoid laying down.

3. Car rear-ends you. Again, inattentive drivers often do not notice when the vehicle ahead of them has suddenly slowed down or stopped. These accidents can be fairly minor when between cars, but very serious for riders. You can avoid this is to pull in front of an already-stopped vehicle or stopping off to the side of the lane and tapping a brake lever to make your brake light flash so you are as visible as possible.

4. Getting doored by a parked car. You’re riding down the street when the driver’s-side door of a parked vehicle suddenly swings open too late for you to swerve around or stop. Your best bet for avoiding this type of collision is to avoid riding close to parked cars whenever possible. If you are about to drive into an opened door, brake hard to reduce your speed as much as possible.

As much as you can defense yourself against bad drivers, sometimes a wreck is unavoidable. An experienced motorcycle accidents lawyer in Wayne, New Jersey, can help you figure out how to get rightful compensation for your medical bills and other damages.


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