Workplace Accidents - Serafini & Serafini Professional Corporation offers work related accident representation services to Wayne, NJ and its surrounding areas.

Workers Compensation and Work Accident Lawyers New Jersey

For anything commercially or work related, we provide excellent and knowledgeable representation. If necessary, we will visit you at home or at the hospital to give you the personal attention all our clients need to provide the best case possible. Free consultations are also available.

Workplace Accident Attorney in New Jersey

Our accident lawyers offer free consultation for all automobile related accidents including workers compensation, product liability, and construction accidents.

Wrongful Death

In New Jersey, a wrongful death is a death caused by someones else’s careless, reckless or deliberate actions. Businesses, people and organizations can be held responsible if the death caused by an accident could have been prevented had they been reasonably careful. Compensation may cover costs of medical expenses, financial losses, or loss of companionship… Continue reading about Wrongful Death

Work Injuries

Employers should provide a safe environment for their employees, but often times workplace accidents occur that could have been avoided. In New Jersey it is mandatory for employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to provide the necessary care and funding in the case of an on-the-job injury… Continue reading about Workplace Injuries

Contact us to find out if you have a legitimate claim. Consultation is free and you pay no fees unless you receive a settlement.

Product Liability

Manufacturers have a responsibility to design and distribute products free from defects, but when a product is potentially hazardous due to improper manufacturing techniques, damage in distribution, or lacks instructions for correct use, you may be able to file for a product liability claim… Continue reading about Product Liability and Defective Products

Construction Accidents

Every year in New Jersey thousands of individuals are injured in workplace construction accidents. Falls, trips and malfunctioning equipment can result in permanent personal injury or death. State, federal and industry standards are in place to prevent these types of accidents, but unfortunately safety violations do occur… Continue reading about Construction Accidents

Our Work Related Accidents Representation Includes:

Serafini & Serafini works with you to get fair compensation for workplace accidents where you were injured or have lost a loved one. Compensation may include payment for costs from medical bills, disabilities, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, loss of wages or emotional stress. Contact Serafini & Serafini Professional Corporation today at 973-595-9500, or browse the website for more information about personal injury or work related accidents.