Pedestrian Accidents - Thousands of pedestrians are killed or injured every year due to motorist negligence. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact as for a free consultation.

New Jersey Attorneys Representating Pedestrians in Car vs. Pedestrian Accidents

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians can cause very serious injuries, including scarring, multiple fractures, or even brain and spinal injuries that leave the victim permanently disabled. These injuries could become very costly after years of medical treatment, surgeries and rehabilitation or therapy. They may leave you unable to continue work, cause changes in your family life, and make it impossible to maintain your lifestyle.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney in New Jersey

New Jersey drivers have a responsibility to stay vigilant of their surroundings to prevent these types of accidents. Unfortunately, inattention, impairment from alcohol, drugs or sleepiness or other avoidable distractions cause thousands of pedestrian accidents every year.

Pedestrians are also required to pay attention to local laws in order to avoid accidents. Failure to use crosswalks, traffic signals, check for oncoming traffic, or carelessness around traffic are also a major cause of injury to pedestrians.

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