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Construction Accidents

Every year in New Jersey thousands of individuals are injured in workplace construction accidents. Falls, trips and malfunctioning equipment can result in permanent personal injury or death. State, federal and industry standards are in place to prevent these types of accidents, but unfortunately safety violations do occur.

Construction Accident Attorneys in New Jersey

Serafini and Serafini are experts in personal injury law. We will help you recover compensation and damages for injuries sustained from construction accidents, including:

  • Falling from heights like cranes, scaffolding or ladders
  • Being hit by falling tools, supplies or other equipment
  • Burns from electric accidents
  • Injuries from machinery including vehicles, forklifts or industrial equipment
  • Collapse of tunnels or trenches
  • Failure to obey safety standards
  • Other common construction site injuries

These accidents are not only very costly, but can also cause tremendous stress for you and your loved ones. Injuries such as fractures, burns, and dislocation can be permanent or even fatal. If you suspect negligence or wrongful death resulting from a construction accident, contact us for a free consultation.