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Guiding you through a civil action following a serious accident

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | serious injuries

The possibility of a car accident in New Jersey and elsewhere is apparent when one gets into a vehicle; however, one does not think that he or she will be involved in a crash. Unfortunately, a distracted or negligent driver could turn up anywhere with any motorist, causing even the most careful driver to be at risk of an automobile collision. The accident itself is likely shocking to those involved; however, the aftermath of the crash is likely the most impactful. The injuries and damages are likely to impact a victim physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, and this can be extremely overwhelming.

Serious and significant injuries could befall a car accident victim. This can leave the injured victims facing ongoing medical care, the inability to work, medical bills and other losses. This can be a very overwhelming experience, and victims can feel confused and hopeless. This is where our law firm can be of assistance. At Serafini & Serafini, P.C., our skilled attorneys are prepared to help accident victims in the Wayne area, guiding them through a civil action.

The aftermath of an accident can be confusing; however, our law firm can help make sense of it. Our goal is to help our clients understand the cause of the accident they were harmed in, who was liable and what damages were suffered. With the help of experts, the investigation process can establish cause, prove accountability and help with the collection of a monetary award for losses suffered.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s serious injuries website. Filing a civil action following a car accident or any other injury-causing incident can be challenging; however, it is not a process that should be put off. There are time limits for these actions, making it imperative that victims of such accidents explore their rights and options.